The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) is a student run organization that represents all students in and involved with the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University.  As a Faculty Student Union, SUS is suspended between the SFSS that includes all students at SFU, and the Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) that include students in specific degrees (full list below).  SUS executives advocate for our members socially and academically.  We meet weekly to organize and host events and workshops, and most importantly, to connect our DSUs to each other and to the SFSS.

Created in 2015, SUS has quickly become known for our four major annual events, starting with Science FROSH for our new students, followed by Molecules & Moustaches for our more... “mature” students.  Later all are invited to the swanky Winter Formal, and lastly comes the once-in-a-lifetime Grad Send-off.  Stay tuned on social media and on this site for updates! You can also join us on Discord!

Our Mission

The goal of SUS is to support education and campus life for students in the faculty of science by connecting students with networking and social events. 

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein

Departmental Student Unions under SUS

  • Biology Student Union - BSU

  • Chemistry Student Society - CSS

  • Physics Student Association - PSA

  • Behavioural Neuroscience Student Society - BNSS

  • Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Student Association - BPKSA

  • Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Student Union - MBBSU

  • Math Student Union - MSU

  • Statistics & Actuarial Science Student Association - SASSA

  • Earth Science Student Union - ESSU

  • Operations Research Student Union - ORSU

  • Management & Systems Science Student Society - MSSCSS

What We've Achieved

  • Frosh 2016

  • Winter Formal 2016

  • Grad Send Off 2016

  • Frosh 2017

  • Molecules & Moustaches 2017

  • Winter Formal 2017

  • Grad Send Off 2017

  • Frosh 2018

  • Absolute Zero 2019 (formally Molecules &Moustaches)

  • Winter Formal 2019