About Us

The Executives

Say Hello to your SUS Executives! These are the people you voted for to lead SUS, and to create events that you want. Have questions? Want new events? Hit them up on the contact us page or join them on discord, and leave some suggestions!

President: Jessie Shen

Hello! Welcome! My name is Jessie Shen (she/her) and I am the President of the SFU Science Undergraduate Society. I have been with SUS for my entire Simon Fraser University career, where I am pursuing a Kinesiology degree in the Active Health and Rehabilitation concentration. At first you’ll see that I love jamming to music, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and checking out new cafes around the Lower Mainland. After getting to know me, you’ll come to realize that I tell some mean dad jokes. Some people like it, others hate them. Most people the latter. When it comes to the SUS team, I could not have asked for a better one. They remind me that our goals are never too far-fetched and we are constantly supporting one another through our projects and life’s ups and downs.

VP Academic & Student Affairs: Landy Liu

Hello, my name is Landy and I’m your VP Academic and Student Affairs here at SUS. This year, I plan to host more events in our new common room in the SUB. As the COVID restrictions ease, I will work hard to bring back classic SUS events. Working with science department student unions, I want to promote their events, plan more activities, and help make them more accessible. Feel free to come up to me if you see me in person, I’d be happy to meet you!

VP Administration: Daniella Damanpak

Writeup to come.

VP Communications and Marketing: Hashim Akbar

Hello everyone! I am VP communication and marketing for the SUS. This position, in my eyes, is a very crucial as it has the power to influence the cohesion within the SUS community and also serves as a communicator of events to the student body. Many a time, students are unaware of the events taking place. As the VP for Communications & Marketing I will be giving this position my all. I also feel that I have the perfect skill set for this position as well, and by using them in a more challenging position this is an excellent opportunity for me to grow.

VP External: Nehal Dhadral

Hi everyone my name is Nehal (she/her) and I am currently a 4th year Biology student focusing on the EEC stream! I am so excited to be your VP External for SUS this year! I have always been an outgoing person and I love talking, so this role was a perfect fit for me! Some goals I have for SUS this year, is to make SUS a bit more involved with sustainability because helping with climate change is a huge passion of mine. I also want to open up our common room and host events there! I would also love to work with all the departmental student unions in science and put together some great events for all science students to enjoy! Hope to see you around!

VP Finance: Manan Sood

I am an 4th year student at SFU studying Math and Finance. I have always been passionate about the core finance and my education allows me to explore these fundamentals and gain valuable insights about the financial structures of an institution. My role as VP Finance at the SUS has been a rewarding experience since it has given me the opportunity to be accountable and responsible for myself and others. My goal at SUS is to effectively use our resources, both human and capital, to enrich the university experience of all science students!

VP Internal: Ananga Bajgai

Writeup to come.

SFSS Council Representative: Ayooluwa Adigun

Hi there! My name is Ayooluwa Adigun, a second-year! Nice to meet-cha! As long as I’ve been here, I haven’t seen a more enthusiastic group of people. Awesome to see a team so entitled to their work. Love working with this group, and excited to see what we can achieve!

First-Year Representative: Chanelle Wong

Write up to come!

First-Year Representative: Sam Killawee

Write up to come!

First-Year Representative: Catherine Ho

Hey there! I’m Catherine, pursuing an MBB and business joint major. I love getting to know my community and hope to help bridge the gap between fellow first years and the scary new university life.

Please feel free to reach out to us with new ideas and suggestions. We are here to represent you!

Our Mission

The goal of SUS is to support education and campus life for students in the Faculty of Science by connecting students with networking and social events!

The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) is a student-run organization that represents all students in and involved with the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University.  As a Faculty Student Union, SUS is suspended between the SFSS that includes all students at SFU, and the Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) that include students in specific degrees (full list below).  SUS executives advocate for our members socially and academically.  We meet weekly to organize and host events and workshops, and most importantly, to connect our DSUs to each other and to the SFSS.


Fall Semester

  • Science FROSHA fun event at SFU Burnaby to welcome the new Faculty of Science students, with exciting games throughout the day/night!

  • Annual General MeetingOur yearly members meeting in which students come out to vote on important issues.

Spring Semester

  • Science Winter FormalJoin SUS for a nice dinner at a fancy venue. 

  • Absolute ZeroOur 19+ Social Event, which features cheap drinks, good music, and fun times with your friends.

  • Elections – Have your say and elect your new Science Undergraduate Society Executive Team.

Summer Semester

  • Pop-ups and Varied Events Summer events change every year, previous years have included Ice-cream Pop-ups and Snacks ‘n Study.

Stay tuned-in to our Social Media channels to keep up to date with our Events!

Interested in helping plan these cool events and more? Sign-up to be a part of our Volunteer Mail-List and be the first to hear about our exciting volunteering opportunities!

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Previous Events


  • Frosh 2016

  • Winter Formal 2016

  • Grad Send Off 2016


  • Frosh 2017

  • Molecules & Moustaches 2017

  • Winter Formal 2017

  • Grad Send Off 2017


  • Frosh 2018


  • Absolute Zero 2019 (formerly Molecules & Moustaches)

  • Winter Formal 2019

  • Frosh 2019

  • Ice Cream Pop-up 2019

  • Snacks n’ Study 2019


  • Winter Formal 2020 and Afterparty

  • Spooky Movie Nights

  • Science x Applied Science Trivia Night

  • Discord Game Nights


  • exist to provide a space for collaboration amongst people with a common interest
  • niche topics
  • includes all students that sign up for the club
  • membership not given automatically



  • exist to represent all students in a certain Department or Faculty
  • includes all students who major, minor, or take at least one course within the department, program, or faculty
  • union membership given automatically